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You will experience the excitement and wonder of Christmas afresh as you are whisked away into Randall Bush’s enchanting yuletide fantasy, Gabriel’s Magic Ornament.

No Christmas tree will ever look the same again after reading this book.

From the branches of this familiar tree, the author skillfully creates an unforgettable fantasy world in the tradition of such notable authors as Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Roald Dahl.

Children and adults alike will embark upon an exciting and spell-binding journey as they join a brother and sister in their quest to discover the secret of the true magic of Christmas that is in danger of being lost forever.

Packed with magical adventure, mystery, and suspense this humorous but sometimes serious tale reveals how the imaginary land of Arboria and its eccentric inhabitants fall under a powerful evil spell no one can seem to break.

Two children arrive in Arboria only to discover that as a horrible creature called Lesnit crawls through its lands, he causes terrible mischief.

Lesnit eats angel stars leaving behind bottomless pits that burn with dark fires of selfishness, greed, and hatred.

He hiccups apples that cause terrible hunger! Poisonous mistletoe grows wherever he spits!

He aims to devour the Star at Tree Top where the glorious Tree King lives so that he can destroy Arboria and bring its hollow and fragile Orna folk to a miserable end.

But just when all seems hopeless, a secret gift of true magic draws the story to a surprising and wonderful conclusion.

Parents no doubt will appreciate the moral insights their children will learn from this book, but they too will be enticed to read along so that they can recapture and relive their own childhood experiences of the magic, meaning, and joy of Christmas.




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